A Day (of Museums and Castles) in Oslo

Adventures In the Land of the Vikings - The Beginning I just had to turn almost all the way back to the beginning of my stuffed journal to re-read this adventure. In March 2017 I went on my first real solo trip, to Norway and the Faroe Islands. I'll start with Oslo. Here is a... Continue Reading →


Back at it again!?

It's been an entire year since I wrote my last post. More than a year. A year and almost four months. A lot has happened since then. So I've started thinking to myself, is it too late to start writing this blog again? Nah! I am not currently traveling... I'm back home. Does that mean... Continue Reading →

Nighttime ride with the huskies

Björkliden, Sweden - North of the Arctic Cirle We stood in the snow, flakes speckling our faces with moisture, and absorbed the howling yelps of the sled dogs. Most were still in their cages when our van pulled into the yard. Empty leads lay neatly in the snow, stretching out from the wooden sleds like red... Continue Reading →

Sami National Day at Skansen

February 6th is Sami National Day in Sweden, and as I happened to take a solo afternoon trip to Skansen on February 5th, I stumbled upon some of the celebrations. A word about Skansen in general, before I describe my experience. This "museum" is a must see if you are living in or visiting Stockholm. It is a... Continue Reading →

Sturdy Ice – Wobbly Legs

In Sweden, a usual family activity for those living in Stockholm or the suburbs is to go lake skating. The lakes in the archipelago are usually thicker and safer than the edge of the sea, and many families, couples, and solo skaters spend time flying across these bodies of water. My host family took me... Continue Reading →

The Women’s March – Stockholm

If you haven't heard of the Women's March, then please do a little bit of googling to fill yourself in. Start here and then move on to the hundreds of articles and photos posted about this event. My sister and many of my friends joined this march of solidarity and resistance in New York City, and many dear... Continue Reading →

A Warm Winter

The line of ice that used to stretch like a speed bump right in front of our driveway has slowly dwindled over this past week. Now only a thin line of it clings to the pavement, and the snow in the garden is completely gone. I suppose it's been a warm winter across the globe (which makes... Continue Reading →

The Sweet Sting of Culture Shock

My Swedish Adventure Begins I am in Sweden... For about four months. I arrived just outside of Stockholm about a week and a half ago. Now, on a windy Wednesday, I find that though I have done absolutely nothing but make tea, watch tv, and write all morning, I am exhausted. The many subtle adjustments... Continue Reading →


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